BUY/SELL a share

The listing of “shares for sale” is provided as a convenience for shareholders of Lake Huron Yachts Limited shares. The Corporation assumes no liability for any agreements reached between a buyer and a seller of a share in the Corporation.


Lake Huron Yachts Limited is a Canadian Corporation with 50 shares of stock. The Corporation owns and manages the marina known as Lake Huron Yachts. The marina is located on the shore of Lake Huron one fourth of a mile North of the Blue Water Bridge and shares a basin with the Sarnia Yacht Club. The marina is currently arranged to accommodate approximately 64 sailboats and trawlers. The marina has been in operation since 1972 and was purchased from the founder in 1988. Since that time, the marina has been operated by the shareholders through a Board of Directors. The Corporation owns all property associated with the marina; land, building, docks, hoist and associated marina equipment without any encumbrances.

Share purchase process

Anyone wishing to purchase a share in Lake Huron Yachts Limited may contact any of the shareholders listed below. If an agreement to purchase is reached, the buyer and/or seller should contact David Elliot of the Elliot and Porter law firm, 265 Front Street, #101, Sarnia Ontario N7T 7X1, phone 519.336.4600. Mr. Elliot will process the sale assuring that all laws regarding transfer of a share are honored. The transfer process normally takes two to three months.

Shares for sale:

Name: William Carson
Phone: 519-542-5415
Price: $20,000 CAD

Name: Janet Wolf
Phone: 586-243-6280
Price: $22,000 CAD

Name: Henryk Dziedzic
Phone: 519-333-9379
Price: $22,000 CAD

Name: David Conrad
Phone: 248-626-1899
Cell: 248-421-2982
Price: $23,000 CAD

Name: Terry Ongena
Phone: 583-823-7087
Price: $23,500 CAD

Name: Robert and Elizabeth Fellner (c/o Richard Burr)
Phone: 519-542-8125  Cell: 519-312-1267
Price: $27,500 CAD

Name: Richard Cleary
Phone: 586-260-4430
Work: 586-991-0407
Price: $28,000 USD